I.C. Church Heritage


The Church of the Immaculate Conception of the Blessed Virgin began in the late 1800s.  At first,the parish was the faithful gathering to celebrate Mass.   With the growth of the parish community came the need for a church and school.  This became a place forus to celebrate our traditions, beliefs, Catholic education, and values that we hold dear.   As we pledge to “Building for the Future”, we keep the faith and hope alive for all who prayed and believed before us.

1872   Mass is celebrated in Washington Hall above Deneen’s General Store at 
          220 South Knowles Avenue in New Richmond.
1879   Site for church building chosen.1880   Parcel of land is obtained.
1883   Church of the Immaculate Conception of the Blessed Virgin is incorporated.
1883   Unfinished church burns
1887   Church rebuilt.
1889   Christmas Mass is celebrated in new church.
1889   Start construction on new school.

1891   First St. Mary’s School opens.
1892   Second church destroyed by fire.
1893   Third church building completed
1894   First Graduating Class from St. Mary’s School
1896   First records of Altar Society
1899   Church withstands “The Cyclone”.

1928   Sisters of St. Joseph of Nazareth on the Lake from Superior join the school staff.

1950   Religious Education Program begins.
1951   Lay Carmelites begin.
1953   St. Mary’s School torn down and rebuilt.

1963   Conference of Christian Doctrine (CCD).
1965   Fourth and current church is built.
1966   Break ground for present church building.
1967   First Mass celebrated in current church building.

1970   Severe thunderstorm destroys rectory.
1971   Baptism is celebrated during Mass.
1977   Knights of Columbus and families remodel convent above St. Mary’s School.

1981   Church Mortgage burned.

1990   Renew Program implemented.
1998   Lon gRange Planning Committee formed.

2003   Dedicationof Immaculate Conception Education Center which houses 
         St. Mary’s School, and Parish and Diocesan activities.
2004   Our present pastor, Fr. James Brinkman, arrives.
2006   Parish launched Capital Campaign to reduce $1.3 million dollar debt on I.C. Education Center.
2009   Newdoors installed on Church south parking entrance replacing original doors damaged
from weather and age.

2009   Stained glassed windows repaired to prevent damage from sagging.