About us


Rev. John C. Anderson

Immaculate Conception/St. Patrick Parishes

151 St. Washington Ave.

New Richmond, WI 54017




Welcome to Immaculate Conception and St. Patrick’s Parishes!  We are parishes and a school that are located in New Richmond and Erin Prairie, Wisconsin.  The area in which we live is in constant growth.  I believe our parishes and school are as well.

We are called to be open to conversion every day of our lives.  That conversion can be different for each person.  Our hope is that our parishes and school welcomes each person no matter where they are at on their faith.

Many times as places grow we can lose track of each other.  That is no different in a parish.  It is not intentional but happens when there is constant movement.  The goal of our parishes is to work together to overcome that. We accomplish that best when we gather together to celebrate the Mass.

Out of that celebration flows the need and desire to grow in our faith together.  We try and provide the opportunity to accomplish that in our Faith Formation for all ages, spiritual events, social activities and more.

I pray you feel welcome in our parishes and join us in ways you might feel comfortable.  It is said change is one of the only sure things in life.   We face that positively when we do it together in the Lord!

Yours in Christ,

Fr. John
Rev. John C. Anderson